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Kathy is on Q2 selling DMQ.  


It's like she was on the other day.  So comfortable, her stories, what pieces she is wearing, etc.  Such an enjoyable show just to listen to her e-x-p-l-a-i-n what item she is selling.


Gosh, didn't realize how much I miss her.


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Yes, it was such an enjoyable show.  No shouting, giggling like a little child. She is a true professional.  Love her.

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Re: Kathy Levine on Q2

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Hi, @roeroe1005 !  I happened to tune into Kathy Levine's show this afternoon on Q2.  Wow, just the professional I remember her to be.  No hurried/desperate updates on numbers sold or left.  Relaxed, relevant presentations that entice one to buy if in the market for an item.  

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@roeroe1005 she looked beautiful!

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Kathy hasn't lost a step.

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I'm sorry I missed her.  I rarely watch QVC2 and wonder why the company would relegate her to those backwaters.

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Since I no longer watch, and never see Q2, I missed her too Cat Sad


She reminds me of the glory days of QVC and continues to be a flawless host.  Christmas was always such a special time with her and I miss those days.  



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I miss Kathy, a true professional! I also miss her back in the day with Joan Rivers!

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Channel surfing and came upon a jewelry show on Q2 last night. I usually never watch these, but when I saw Kathy Levine's name, I had to stop and take a look and I am so glad I did.  What a pro!  Super enjoyable to watch..  No frantic yelling; no old tired catch phrases, no sidekicks and she looked absolutely beautiful.  Wish some of the current hosts would follow her lead. 

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She truly is excellent.