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Can someone help me find this ring it was my wedding ring and I lost it and qvc said they will not make it again

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I would suggest going on eBay with the title of the ring and see what comes up, also use other search words like QVC Diamonique Band, etc. and make sure you take the time to go through everything... you  ever know!!  Good luck!  

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If they won't make it again, wonder why they keep it on the website?


Hope you find it


@NUNYA wrote:

Can someone help me find this ring it was my wedding ring and I lost it and qvc said they will not make it again


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Definitely try e bay.  Also give a look at e t s y.  And c r a i g s list too.


Might not show up right away but if you're patient it may pop up for sale. On e bay you can sign up to be notified if that description gets listed for sale.


Fyi: sometimes when a piece is being sold on secondary market it's not sold by the original owner which means the current seller may not use the exact correct description.  so maybe search under diamonique ring or Cz ring or some other combination. You might have to search through more items but you just might find exactly what you're looking for! 😊

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 I'm looking around on eBay a lot, so after seeing your post, I did a thorough search but only found two that has recently sold. I couldn't find an active listing. They are out there, but others want that ring too, so don't give up, just search regularly or "save" your search and eBay will send you alerts when a new item is listed.


Is there any hope that you may find your original? I know I don't know your story, but my mom lost a ring years ago, we searched everywhere for it, well one day, about a year later, she was pulling out some seasonal clothes from the back of the closet and out fell the ring, it obviously fell off when she had put that stuff away a year earlier.


I hope you find it, either the original or a used one.