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Kinda odd post, QVC sells TONS of lobster claw clasp bracelets so just buy those!


Repeating again that you dislike a style of jewelry seems a little over the top to me.

 ("I've said it before and I'll say it again")


They are not hurting anyone!  LOL  Let those that like them buy them!  Lots to choose from in jewelry stores too!

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Ok, in that case I will not buy one for you.  Get that people?  Do not buy her any adjustable bracelets!!!

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@OKPrincess wrote:

@Krimpette wrote:

I enjoy them. I think they're kinda feminine!  IMHO.

I enjoy them too. I have a couple of charm bracelets and they have dangles. All very feminine and not cheap looking.


        I like them too, I'm waiting for a tanzanite one to arrive from ShopLC.  I get a custom fit since it's almost impossible to find a 7 3/4 inch bracelet and I can adjust them depending on what length sleeve I am wearing.  I think the concept is ingenious.  

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I can't say that I ever disliked adjustable bracelets, but I thought wearing one would drive me crazy. Until I finally bought one.


I couldn't resist a beautiful opal adjustable bracelet in Kohl's and took the plunge and purchased it. The dangle part doesn't bother me in the least, and I've never caught it on anything either. I would much rather have an adjustable bracelet than one with a lobster claw clasp because they're very hard for me to work. Plus I can adjust the bracelet to be a little bit tighter or a little more loose. And as someone mentioned in another post, I think the dangle looks very feminine. I don't understand the comment about adjustable bracelets looking cheap, but whatever. 

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I think some of those adjustable bracelets are cute, but they aren't my style.  I know those little balls would bang against my desk and keyboard as I worked and that would take some getting used to.  The gemstone ones are especially cute, and for those who love them, keep on keepin' on!

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@annabellethecat wrote:

I agree with  you.  I hate them too.  I think they are cheap looking...wait!  I don't THINK they are I KNOW they are.

@annabellethecat  as long as it's clear you KNOWING they are is still only an opinion.


I think taking this concept from the corded bracelets that younger girls have made & worn for years is ingenious.  It's like they have been dressed up and given a much more stylish look.  As long as they are in a precious metal, I really like them.  I don't like the corded ones (i.e., Lola Rose), but that's just my preference. 


I wear a size 8' bracelet, so I have many more options that fit me now that adjustable bracelets come in so many lovely styles.  I have been complimented often on them when I wear them to the office.

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Just because you don't like them is no reason to start calling them names. That they look cheap to you is 100% your opinion. I like not having to deal with a clasp, and the beads hanging down doesn't bother me at all. I appreciate that I can make my bracelets and length I please. I have some Lola Rose ones and a necklace which I can adjust to any neckline. Love them.