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PokeSephiroth's Fireplace 36 Gallon Bow Front Tank (Finished | Page 7 |  WaFishBox

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Everybody knows it's a fireplace.  Buy gas logs down at Lowe's.  Let some handyman install them for a few bucks.  Put a pretty firescreen in front of it.  Add some pretty new vessels on the hearth and enjoy it.

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I would do a beautiful flower arrangement.  A florist will make you silk or (maybe life looking acrylic flowers) large arrangements.

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See the source image

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@ThinkingOutLoud wrote:

I would just look for a nice fireplace screen.

This one is from Wayfair dot com - qfrm - frplc.jpg



That's a great firescreen and such a great price.  I got mine at an antique shop.  It's brass, fan shaped.  I had gas logs installed.  I love having the gas logs when the power goes out.  Although we have gas heat, the thermostat works on electricity.  During storms that knock out the power, we all congregate in the fireplace room.

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Re: fireplace ideas

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I might not be a good one to ask because I think fireplaces should look like fireplaces, not used for decorative items other than the mantel.  


Everyone knows it's a fireplace and it's your focal point, a very important feature in the room, so I would add something like an electric log insert or you could place a nice screen over the opening. 


Just placing a fireplace grate and accessories with birch logs looks nice.  Cover with a decorative see through screen.  



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@crazered   We have the same situation. I have real logs sitting in a fireplace grate with QVC fairy lights on a timer threaded through the logs. Looks nice at night when they come on. In the past I have purchased a candelabra made for fireplaces and used all frameless candles, looked good. Both of these ideas can be left all year round.

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I have taken an old birdcage I had in our bedroom hanging on a hook  Changed color of out side and added more colorful flora. Its a start