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Re: cotton terry kitchen towels

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@22eyesblue  If your terry cloth towels are pilling, you may have to go to a nicer, more expensive towel.  The quality is just not there anymore.  I like to use terry for my kitchen hand towels and flour sacks for dish drying.  I have an embroidery machine so I can put cute things on my dish towels.  Costco carries some nice cotton kitchen towels as does Crate and Barrel.  Cold water is the new recommendation.  Good luck

@brandiwine @22eyesblue Williams Sonoma have some very good kitchen towels in flat (or with a little weave) cotton and in terry like kitchen towels.  On sale, they are a good deal and wash well and last a long time.  


And I wash kitchen towels with tops, bath towels in a separate load or with jeans and pants.  I do not wash kitchen towels and bath towels together, and my face cloths and towels not with bath towels.  Complicated?  Why not!  Woman Embarassed

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Re: cotton terry kitchen towels

Thank you all for your helpful tips and for sharing your laundry preferences!  I appreciate it!  I will try Williams and Sonoma towels on my next purchase!  

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Re: cotton terry kitchen towels

Most towels today, kitchen or otherwise, are not like those in the past and don't wash well or perform well, for the most part. 


I tend to look in thrift stores for older or vintage kitchen towels. I often find them in new or like new condition, and they are such better quality.