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I use a battery operated weedeater, mower, shrub trimmer, reciprocal saw, chain saw, leaf blower, etc. But I've never adjusted to a battery operated vacuum.  

me too

why is that?

@jackthebear @calmheart  If you tried the Bissell Air Ram,  I truly think you would be impressed, shocked and have a change of heart.  I use several times a day on both floors.  I am not getting out my corded vac several times a day.  It's so convenient and quick.  No tangles of anything in the rollers.   Best I've used....  even better than the Electrolux.  My husband comments constantly how much this thing picks up.  

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@nyc1 @et al, happy to see these recommendations.  Just put a couple on my wish list. I am due for a replacement.

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I have an Oreck cordless - love it and it has great power.

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At least I have an idea of some good brands. I asked my DH for a cordless vacuum for Christmas. I selected a greatly reduced 'off' brand. Although I use it everyday, it really is more of a sweeper than a vacuum. It picks up surface dirt on hard flooring and glides over the top of our carpet. Our corded vacuum still has to be used for deep cleaning.

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We have 4 Dysons and 1 Shark, I think the Dysons are a bit better at pick up but they are a pain because of the weight and needing to put holes in the wall to hang them or they fall over. I have that little Dyson duster map which I love but it also falls over all the time even though it works like a dream. I'm leaning to replacing the Dysons as they die. We had them at our home, our vacation home and in the motorhome....we now only have our primary home.

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