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I have an adjustible bed and decided to use the zero gravity setting. 



It seems to be really comfy! Do any of you use this setting and do you like it?


Seems now that I use this setting, I go to sleep alot quicker and dont wake up as much! 

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Sounds cool! I want one!

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I have no idea what a zero gravity setting might be. 

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If it would help me sleep, I'm in...

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@CherryHugs  So are you "floating" = zero gravity?

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Zero-gravity loungers and presumably beds typically have your feet elevated above your head as you recline. My old neighbor (forty-plus years ago) had a zero-gravity lounger and I loved it. It was amazingly comfortable. I have a zero-gravity lounger that's not quite as good, but still very comfortable. It's just the position your body gets into that's very comfortable. It's largely modeled at how astronauts used to be strapped in for launch.

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I have an adjustable bed as well.  I use the zero gravity when reading in bed, but I have to lay flat in order to sleep.  I'm a side sleeper and tosser and I can't do it at an angle.  But that zero gravity really helps when my back or legs hurt.

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Sounds great I would love to try this. 

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Re: Zero Gravity

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When it comes to sleep or relaxation, the zero gravity position essentially saves your body from the pressure of its own weight. Your spine’s vertebrae are no longer compressed, your hips are relieved of tension and your raised knees take the pressure off of your lower back. Achieving this posture can result in a myriad of benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. Plus, it’s convenient enough to let you be productive while still in bed, which in our book, is never a bad thing.


What are the benefits of zero gravity position?

We’re glad you asked. This neutral posture has the power to relax many parts of the body, including the skeletal system and major organs. Therefore, it can improve your quality of sleep in several ways.


1. Reduces snoring and improves breathing

When you lie flat on your back, the soft tissues in the very back of your throat or excess fat around the neck can partially obstruct your airway, causing vibrations when air tries to pass through. By elevating the head and upper body, that obstruction is relieved, allowing your airway to open back up for improved breathing and reduced snoring.


2. Improves circulation

When in zero-G position, reduced pressure on the heart and elevated legs means your body is able to circulate blood much more efficiently, and with less effort.


3. Improves digestion

As many of us know, food passes more easily through the esophagus and into the stomach when the head is in an upright position. And what about that acid reflux and heartburn? They’re kept at bay too, thanks to gravity’s pull which keeps pesky stomach acids from bubbling up into the esophagus.


4. Reduces swelling

A result of excess fluid buildup from pressurized blood vessels, swelling is especially common in the legs, ankles and feet. By reclining into zero gravity, you can reduce the stress on those areas, allowing that fluid to distribute more evenly throughout the body.


5. Improves back pain

While in zero-G, the spine is put into a neutral position that can relieve tension that causes back pain. Pressure is distributed evenly between the individual vertebrae and spinal muscles, helping to lessen soreness and discomfort.


6. Improves pregnancy symptoms

If you’re pregnant or have been in the past, it’s likely that at least some of the symptoms above sound familiar. Hormonal and physical changes to the body during those nine months can make comfortable sleep a challenge, so taking advantage of a zero gravity position makes complete sense. Plus, if you’re accustomed to sleeping on your back pre-pregnancy, zero gravity lets you modify that position into one that’s safer for both mom and baby.


7. Adds convenience

From catching up on emails to binge-watching your latest obsession, there are lots of activities that can be done while sitting in zero gravity. Your head is optimally propped to prevent neck strain while looking at a screen, phone or book, and you can avoid the aches and pains that tend to come with sitting at a desk for hours at a time. Win-win!

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