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Re: Wreath in bathroom?

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I had to laugh because I hang most of my wreaths on my doors the year round. I have a store room but decided  they are pretty keep  them out. I change the front door one to match the season, or the holiday.





You can buy a spray on wreath cleaner at Walmart or craft stores, hang in shower or outside to dry.


Had to laugh as someone said she puts her head in the shower when she sprays her hair. Thought I was the only one who did this, 


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Yes.  I have a large wreath over my towel rack.  I change it for the seasons and it looks beautiful.   Adds a touch of elegance and warmth.

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I think it is fine, and I used to have one in my master bath.


Wreaths are one of those kinds of things that can go anywhere. Some styles of wreaths are more suited to particular places, but I've seen many a wreath that can go anywhere.....including the bathroom! I like the idea of putting just the one thing (wreath) in place of the multiple things the shelf and it's inhabitants. It will look much more 'clean' and uncluttered, but decorated and pretty. 

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@mominohio thought exactly, instead of the shelf, with nice things on it, I thought the wreath would look clean and simple.

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I make my own wreaths and plan to make a medium size wreath for both bathrooms in our new home.


I had wreaths in the bathrooms in our former home along with well chosen artwork.

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I think it would work well....

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