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@Lilysmom1 wrote:

It is time for us to replace our generator.  I think we should opt for a whole home generator.


Does anyone with one care to comment?  What brand did you buy, how does it perform?  

Would appreciate your views.  


@JustJazzmom , do I recall you recently had one installed?



We're having ours installed as soon as the "killer storms" stop in our area. (That's supposed to be humorous but it's not for us, so don't feel insulted if it's not for you either).

Another bad storm expected tonight.


Ours will be "whole house".

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Wish we'd bought Generac stock years ago.


Ours will be a Generac too.

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@Allegheny Ours is on the side of our house and we do hear it when it kicks in, but it's not super loud and after a while you don't really notice it. I have to go into the room next to it to tell if it's on or off. We have had one for about 18 years. Back then, our power was once out for three days. Luckily, at the time, we had a cottage and could bring our frozen food there, so it didn't go to waste. After that episode, we made the decision to purchase and install the generator. Money well-spent!

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We placed the order for the whole home standby Generac generator yesterday.  Looking forward to having it over the hurricane and winter season.  Thank you everyone for your comments.  A big help in our decision making.  ❤️LM