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I love Candles!!!!!!!Can't you tell? lol.


I usually use Candles in my living room, and Wax Melts in my kitchen.


In the Summer months, I tend to just use my was melts, and save the candles for the Fall/Winter Months......


But every day I scent my home, I just love scent, to me it is homey, and makes my home more welcoming!



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I use a scented candle (lit) in the main hall of my house; the scent carries through-out by being placed in this location. I have other candles that have a strong scent-throw even when un-lit so they are placed strategically through-out the house; the scent changes for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. What isn't being used is placed in a zip-lock bag and brought out for the appropriate season. I love tea-lights and use them as well.


Reed diffusers are nice but I'm always afraid they'll get knocked over. I also find that the need a larger amount of space than a candle. It all depends on the brand.


Soap is placed in every drawer where there clothing, sheets and towels are stored. A glass jar of unwrapped soaps are stored in the linen closet to scent anything in there.


Sachets of lavender hang in all closets and are replaced as needed.


Other than the one candle in the main hall and the tealights, the other candles in my house are all battery-operated, so no scents from them.

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Most of the year I use two small fragrance lamps that I have from the 1980"s.  They are frosted glass that looks like a flower ball with a large dimple at the top where you place fragrance oil.  They have a small bulb inside (probably c4) so you can use a different color bulb depending on your decor.  This time of year I use jasmine and lavender from the garden.

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At the moment, I have a Swan Creek White Peach & Clove Drizzle Melt 

giving scent from this little bird warmer on my kitchen counter.  

There is another warmer with the same fragrance in the master bath.

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If you use wax melts, depending on scent , use the cooled down ones in drawers, or small bars of soap,many other thing you can try.

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I love fragrance, but only from essential oils and not chemicals.  In the Fall I place a basket of pinecones by the front door with a few drops of pure cinnamon oil.   I soak cotton balls in other oils for other times of year and tuck them into drawers, rub door jams, window sills, etc.  My favorites are lemon, grapefruit, and lavender.