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The scented home

If you do not enjoy or use scents, this post is not for you. I understand people can suffer from fragrance, This post is for those who can tolerate it an LOVE it.


One of my favorite bloggers mentioned that she scents her home in several different ways. Each room may even have a different scent.


Sachets in drawers, non talc powder on towels, linen spray on sheets.


I find this idea lovely, that a home has a (good) signature scent.


Would you please share your home "scenting" ideas?


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Re: The scented home

Reed diffusers.
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Re: The scented home

Essential oils—a few drops in water heated in an oil warmer. For some reason I like this better than a diffuser.

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Re: The scented home

I use scented candles but only in the Fall and Winter......never in the summer.

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Re: The scented home

I use wax melts in the kitchen. (not every day)

I have a nightlight plug-in in the hall bathroom. 

I have a couple of oil diffusers but hardly ever use them.

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Re: The scented home

I use candles throughout the house. I also have reed diffusers in the smaller bathrooms. In addition, i use the plug ins in the kitchen. When I feel like it, I use essential oils in a diffuser that plugs in. 


After cleaning, I usually finish with a room spray. I use the same room spray on bed linens as well. 


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Re: The scented home

I use plug ins throughout my home. In Fall and Winter I also use candles. I love fragrance!

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Re: The scented home



Another vote for reed diffusers.


I used to burn candles, but, even when they appeared to be burning clean, they were sooting up my walls.  I tried toppers and shades, but nothing stopped the discoloration.


I didn't notice the dirt/soot until something was moved and there was a distinct outline.


So, I gave up burning anything.


I've tried many types of scenting devices, but always come back to diffusers.


Easy, clean, subtle.

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Re: The scented home

Reed diffusers for me.

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Re: The scented home

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Oh, dear, I agree with @Auntg, @Witchy Woman and @RetRN about reed diffusers.


I still succumb to the romance of candles, sigh, but not necessarily for scent, more for "ambiance"-- the look of the flame.  Especially tea light and taper candles.  Try to keep it to a minimum, but...


But using reed diffusers for scent is a great way to go, since I'm not fond of soot.