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I don't do Facebook so I thought I would post this here.  I am sure Valerie is so tired, but I got my Valerie "Fix" today!!!  I never feel that she is on enough, lol.  I love Christmas in July for too many reasons to mention, and I just wanted to tell Valerie that her hard work is greatly appreciated.  Also, her team did a beautiful job with the presentations that made the set and shows so enjoyable and gorgeous.  This topic was also done last year but I still wanted to let her know that my home is so beautiful during every holiday because of her decorative items and decorating tips.  Thanks QVC and Valerie!

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I hate to complain, but this was the worst Christmas in July I have ever seen!  The majority of the items was almst all old previously seen items! Nothing at all exciting! Even Valerie Parr Hill. I realize she had surgery, but she should have waited until a later date when she had new items for sale!  I was totally bored with the entire 24hrs. I guess I'm just going to give up watching these so called special event shows!

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I didn't know that Valerie just had surgery!  She really worked hard on making the set look great, but also was on the air most of the day!  If it weren't for her items, CIJ would have been really dismal!


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I enjoyed watching Valerie today, too. She picked a good TSV in my opinion. I am also glad that CIJ isn't over, and that we will be seeing Valerie a few more times during the month.
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I enjoyed just watching the shows with Valerie today. The sets were so pretty, and she had several new items. I did not watch the other shows, but I don't have any interest in Temptations or toys. 


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I enjoyed watching Valerie today....the rest of the Christmas show...bleh.


Looked like the same old toys.....

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Morning SHOPR,


Inquiring minds want to know------Did you break down and get a cloche or two?????   You were sure staying strong all day.


Totally agree with you and with  this thread.  So relaxing to watch Valerie do her magic.





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I totally agree with the comments above. It was the worst Christmas in July ever. What a disappointment. The best thing was the TSV. What's happening to QVC?
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kudo's to Jacquie..(sp?) for giving Valerie and her crew credit for showing up days ahead of time with their own items to set up the Q. for these shows....she is the only one that I heard telling us....


I didn't know Val had surgery, either....



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In addition, I want to acknowledge that QVC listened to us and put the hosts that work the best with Valerie, letting her speak as she is the person we want to hear.