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I'm hoping to get into the Spring cleaning soon, usually April - Mayish.  I take a vacation week (some vacation!) but it's always been my plan at this time of year.  Everyone at work knows & kid me about it.


Just makes me wonder I can't be the only one who takes time off to clean??

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My DH and I started spring cleaning today too.  We started with the entry way closet.  Then the built in China cabinet above the island.  He is tall and I am short so it was a quick job.  I was glad that I didn't have to get up on a chair a lot of times.  


Since we are staying in & away from crowds, we will continue again tomorrow  in the kitchen.  It's a good time to declutter too.


Monday will be our bedroom, then my sewing/computer room. Then the dining room, living room, bathroom.  Etc.  One room a day until we are done 


Then the finished basement.  


I would rather clean than cook.

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Actually taking a set week off to clean sounds very professional and ideal but I never had enough days off to do that. I remember before kids when I could have whole place clean at one time on weekend. That was a feeling of accomplishment. My goal is one room clean at a time to pay myself on back! Dining room my first task. Polishing furniture top of list- it looks so fresh after getting moisture rubbed in.
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I get 6+ weeks of leave a year and I do use a lot of that time to deep clean, declutter.  I find cleaning relaxing.

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Did mine in February. 


Guess I should have waited! 

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I cleaned my downstairs a couple weeks ago, now I have start the upstairs.  I will be starting it next week.  


Have a good week everyone.