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Reupholstering Dining Chairs

I need to get my dining chairs reupholstered. After 24 years, the ivory seat cushions are getting worn and stained. I've tried to spot treat them, but it's time for new. 

I thought I wanted dark red cushions this time, but now I am having second thoughts. The color scheme of the adjoining kitchen and living room is cream, camel, olive, & dark red. I thought the dark red would be a nice accent and tie in to the other spaces. 


Do you think the dark red color with my olive walls looks like Christmas? The wall color above the chair rail is cream. I'm also concerned that the dark red cushions will be too dark for my spring & summer tablecloths & centerpieces. Maybe I should just choose a color close to what I currently have? 

Thanks for your opinions & suggestions. 



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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

@wilma   I personally think the dark red would be too dark and look like Christmas, as you said.  If you go with a more neutral like you have, they will match any color that you decide to paint the room in the future.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

The reasons you mentioned, my opinion would be stay with color you have.  Dark red would be very nice for most holidays though!  A tough decision.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

@wilma ,

That is very striking and pretty, those colors together!

I don't think the traditional easter pastel colors would go as well but maybe more light greenish olives and more golden yellows, blues, deep lavenders. You could just experiment.

They definitely would go well with fall and christmas colors.


Or maybe  if you decide not to cover the chairs with the red, you could get a table runner, or some other accessories in that red color. It really is nice with the olive.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

Since you are already happy with the adjoining rooms having a four color scheme, why not take some time looking at fabric?


The upholsterer should have samples and somewhere around should be a good fabric shop.  

Since the yardage should be small, you can get something really nice.  And these places can enable you 😄


I am still dreaming of $65 a yard raw silk for curtains.  Some fabrics are to die for.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

@wilma  I like your chairs.Even though I love the red (I'm a Christmas fan), I would go with a darker neutral with olive tones. We did ours in a print, because we knew they would be heavily used by kids and grandkids. By the way, it is SO easy to do these yourselves. You can take the seats out and just upholster over this existing material. You just remove the tacks or staples and start over. We did it one afternoon while babysitting for our first grandson. Easy peasy.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

How about a print using as many of the colors you mentioned?

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

@wilma   How about camel?   It's not too light nor is it dark.

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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

Last fall, I redid the seats on my daughter's dining room chairs.  I donated my DR furniture to her years ago. She moved since the. and decided the color didn't go with her new house and they needed new foam as well.


She chose a printed fabric with black, cream and taupe colors and the chairs look great.  I almost repossessed them.  The fabric colors are neutral and the pattern is small.


If you do go with red, I think a soft muted red, leaning towards rust would work well in your room and look great.  A bright rich red would be too strong a color.









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Re: Reupholstering Dining Chairs

Those are identical to my dining room chairs!  Do you have the table with the leaf and the china cabinet, too?   Mine have a beige seat too, but I got a temporary cover for them, rather than reupholstered them, when they got stained.  


As for color, I'd go bold.  Dark red is fabulous all year long, and I think you need some bold color in that room.

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