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Never saw one before


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My college boyfriend's dad was a woodworking hobbyist in his retirement. He made one for our home. It was beautiful. Not mirrored, if I recall correctly. My mom hung it proudly in the LR.


When selling the house, my sister trashed it along with everything else in the house except mom's bedroom furniture and brother's recliner. 

Although no feelings for the old BF, I did like his parents and appreciated the workmanship of the item.

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Yes my neighbor has one still hanging in her living room hallway. 

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@Desert Lily   Yes, we had one just like it in the 50's and blond furniture that went with it.  Some had mirrors and some didn't. Ours did have the mirror.  It was passed on to me but I got rid of it in the 70's or 80's.  It does bring back memories.  I see modern versions of them making a come


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I never saw these.  Just think of all of the smiles they created!

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I have never seen one of those.

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I don't remember anyone in my family having that. 

I do remember Shadow Boxes but the were made out of wood and usually handmade.

I wonder if if was more popular in certain regions of the US...I am on the East Coast.

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Yes, my parents had one and since my sister now lives in their home, she has it now.  Looks just like the picture.  I hated cleaning it...