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I've had all styles and sizes, but what works best for just the two of us is a bottom fridge top freezer. Reasons are:  I'm short, only 5'2". Not easy for me to get things in and out of the top shelf on other styles of refrigerators without dragging out my kitchen stool.  I like my fridge shelves to sit at my eye level down to floor. Also, I like a style with the largest refrigerator space possible and the smallest freezer space. This is because I have a chest freezer in garage. Don't need much freezer space in house, only enough for ice cream and leftovers. IMO having a freezer or refrigerator in your garage or basement is the answer.  Counter depth refrigerators are the most attractive to look at, even though more expensive. Again, counter depth works great if you have second old refrigerator someplace else. The GE chest freezer in my garage is 7 cubic ft and only cost $170 about 5 years ago. Well worth the small investment. It holds a ton. 

The appliances in my present kitchen are 4 year old stainless LG, and I would not purchase that brand again. I'm happy with the dishwasher and microwave, just ok with the range, and unhappy with the refrigerator. Don't know what brand I'd buy since old time quality is completely gone in everything these days.