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I have been taking stuff I don't want/need anymore out of my closets, drawers, etc. and then storing them in boxes until I can sell the stuff on eBay & Etsy.

But now that everything's been sitting here for a few years I realize I'm probably never going to list them online. So I've kind of resigned myself to the thought of donating. I just really want my space back.

I've donated plenty of stuff before but not stuff that is practically unused, is of a higher value, etc. What I picture is this: someone will buy my stuff at the thrift store & then sell it on eBay and make the $$ I envisioned for myself.

I know that if I don't want to put in the work to sell the stuff then I shouldn't cry over the $$ I don't get. I get that. But it's still tough. So please don't get on me about all that.

And I know I could consign but the money you get around where I live is literally next to nothing. (And I don't use the word 'literally' lightly!) So to me this option is not worth it either.

All this comes leads up to my question: Have you ever donated really nice things and then regretted it?

And I guess I need some encouragement to get rid of my things, in whatever way it happens. And any helpful advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks all!

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I donate really good things all the time and I honestly just feel like if I am not using it then it is much better for someone to be getting some good out of the stuff than for it to just be sitting around unused and taking up good space. Just look at it like you might really be helping out someone that has a real need while doing something for yourself in the process by cleaning and purging out your space.

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I have NEVER regretted donating anything and, yes, I have donated very nice clothing items with tags still attached. I really felt better that it was out of my home. I have done the same thing with nice home items. It has helped me to REALLY consider all purchases more thoroughly and decide if down the line I will regret them. HTH and good luck!

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Yes, I have donated new, or practically new, nice items & never looked back. Then, when I'm arguing with myself about buying something new, I consider the items I gave away & how much of that $$ is gone gone gone. It took me 3 times of buying bread makers to finally stop even thinking about those. I'm an emotional shopper, so it's a constant struggle.

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I don't recall ever regretting anything donated. Unless you have a bigger ticket item, most often it's just a PITA to sell on ebay or anywhere else. Why not find a thrift shop which benefits your local community, like the hospital or a certain charity, and donate there? It will help them, and you can get a receipt. I seriously doubt anyone will sell your stuff on ebay. Thrift shops know merchandise and how to price it.

I had a very nice faux fur vest which I wanted to sell on ebay, and after checking prices which were shocking low, I donated it.

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I have donated some really nice things, too. But those items had not been worn in several years, so I donate and don't look back..

You could run some of the nicer things to the consignment shop. I haven't done that in ages but you could give it try?

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I can truthfully say I have never missed any of the items I have either sold or donated. Do not hesitate to purge items that you do not use or do not love.

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Actually just this morning I donated 14 purses to a local animal shelter thrift shop. Most were Brahmin, 1 Coach and a Brighton. I looked into selling on EBay but that was to time consuming and the local consignment shops are a joke. I would have gotten maybe five bucks for each bag. Totally not worth it. I would rather have the tax deduction. I say pick a charity and take the tax deductions.
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I've donated many really good and unused items. I regret it when I drop them off but actually never miss the items and feel relieved they are gone. I understand that it is hard to get motivated to do it. I have that problem too. I never had any luck with consignment so don't even try any more.

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Not to put a damper on things, but...the last time I moved I had to move very quickly. I was stressed and sleep deprived and I gave away two things that I think of often and know that if I had just taken a breath, I would have kept them. I will always be sad that they are gone. On the other hand, at that same time, I donated many, many nice things that I have not regretted giving away. I think if you have allowed yourself some time to mull over whether or not you want to keep these items and the only thing you will miss is the money, then you will be alright if you donate them.