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Does anyone have any experience with having a retractable awning installed over a deck? I'd appreciate hearing your experiences. I'm in western PA and the cost seems way high for what you get.

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We had one on a previous home. We loved it. It was costly, IMO, but well worth it. I don't know if it's even possible to mount it yourself, but I would definitely recommend having it professionally installed. It shaded an area on a large, multi-level deck that got extremely hot during the day, so it served its purpose. Do make sure not to leave an awning open in extreme wind, but most are very durable. Ours had an electrical motor that operated with the flick of a switch, but it could also be manually cranked in, in the event of a power outage (an important feature). Our home was white and our deck furniture cushions were navy and white. Our awning was navy and looked so pretty. (Oh, how I miss that house!) If you're planning on staying in your home for a while, I would definitely make the investment. (About 10 years ago, we paid in the $2,000 range.)

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Hi collegechick. I installed an awning over my wall of windows in my living room. I couldn't believe how expensive it was. I waited awhile before I decided to go ahead. We used a local company who's main business was making sails for sailboats. When I complained about the price, he told me that a major part of their business was repairing awnings installed by company's who didn't stand behind their products. Smart guy, right?

Anyway, I finally decided to go ahead with it as the heat in the living was too much to take. We chose a dark green fabric with deep burnt orange and white pinstripes. It was very attractive and did not show dirt. We also installed a wind sensor so that when wind reaches a certain velocity, the awning automatically retracts. Otherwise, we operate it with a remote control.

One of my main reasons for going ahead with it is that, while we have shades, I wanted to be able to enjoy our beautiful lake views, especially in summer. The awning is 21' long x 12' wide. I installed this about eight years ago and it has worked effortlessly ever since. I don't regret the decision but I still think it was pricey. My advice to you is to find a reputable company with a good warranty and do not install this yourself. It needs to be done by professionals. Good luck! LM

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Had one on an RV, the most common use for them. You have to be very alert for sudden gusts of wind. Ours got wrapped around the RV on one occasion. After that the awning got tied down to a tree or something sturdy.
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We are also from Western PA. We had a retractable awning installed about 3 years ago over our deck. We had a difficult time finding a company that serviced our area and local companies would not install a roof mount awning. A roof mount was our only option in order for the awning to be elevated enough to allow for head clearance. We finally noticed a company advertising in one of our local circulars and they were extremely accommodating. The main company was originally from Pennsylvania, but had relocated to Florida, but still have representatives nationwide.

Ours was installed professionally, there was no way we would have been able to do it ourselves as it was quite weighty. Is is electric with a remote control and we can adjust how far out it opens with the remote. There were various options we could get, such as sensors for wind and rain that would automatically close the awning. The only option we got was a metal cap that extended over the awning when it was rolled shut to help protect the fabric.

The company's rep came to the house, measured, went over the options and we picked our fabric from about 200 different colors/patterns. We were also able to select the color for the awning housing. Also as mentioned by Heart of Spade we were provided with a crank to manually close the awning if needed.

It was not inexpensive. I believe we paid around $5,000, but it is worth every penny. We can now use our deck without constantly having to purchase, store and drag out umbrellas. We even open it just for shade as it helps keep the heat down inside the house.

Now the only thing that escapes me is the name of the company. I asked DH and he can't recall it either. I know we have the paperwork filed and if you are interested post back and we will find it.

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We have had one for about 8 years and one of the best purchases we ever made. It does have the rain and wind sensor. We now use our deck much more often. It's in the sun all day and it does keep it much cooler and also our kitchen as we have sliders that lead right onto the deck. Can't remember what we paid, it wasn't cheap from what I remember though. I would highly recommend it if you can afford it.

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Our neighbors had one installed over their deck, and the wife was dismayed how dark it made the interior of their house. Just a point to consider.

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My mom has the Sunsetter that automatically goes back to its original position when there is wind. She said if you are sitting outside, you will lose that shade.
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I live in Western PA and had an awning installed about 10 years ago ... got it from Hearth & Home in Zelienople ... love it ... the price was about $3,000 ... I had one little problem a little over a year after I bought it ... they sent a repairman and there was no charge ...

Last year, at the very end of summer, the awning would not retract after a neighbor removed a couple birds' nests that were between the awning and the siding ... he told me he thought the motor was shot ... I did not want him playing around with it so I told him to let it be ...

I marked my calendar to give Hearth & Home a call sometime after April 15 ...

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Thank you all for your input.

We had a couple of professional installers come to give us an estimate.

For a deck 15x15 the prices quoted (including installation) are $5-6500. I didn't pay that much to have the whole deck built {#emotions_dlg.blink} I think this is a little pricey just to get some shade, so I'm researching alternative ideas, one of which is a large offset umbrella.

Thanks again.