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Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

the end of these lockdowns/distancings comes closer?


How are you planning, looking forward? Has the time apart from friends and family changed the way you intend to do holidays, entertaining, or gatherings at your home (or at others). 


I thought about it today, as it has been so long that many people have been apart, that there might be a lot of things people choose to not go back to, or might find they don't miss certain things once the cycle was broken for such an extended time (like the obligatory holiday gatherings at the in laws you don't like). 


Might you gather in public places for events now, rather than host (meet friends for birthday lunch at a restaurant over hosting in your home?)? Might you be more willing to let the next generation take over the events all or some of the time? Are you champing at the bit to have people back to your home for the functions again? 


I think the length of the changes for many people, might have them changing the way forward when it comes to gathering/entertaining/participating in such things. 


What are your thoughts?



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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

I am going to remain cautious for the foreseeable future. I'm just not ready. 

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

"the end of these lockdowns/distancings comes closer?"

Not in my lifetime.  Right now this is the new normal.


I really have no specific plans.  I still go to the casinos & pretty much everywhere else.  Wearing masks, face shield, gloves, washing my hands does not bother me not one bit, no matter the weather.  I have not been vaccinated *yet.*  I am in no rush.


I will no longer cruise or fly internationaly (other countries don't want us "dirty Americans" anyways.)  Flying domestic is still up in the air.  Delta will not sell any middle seats which is a good thing.  Don't know how long that will last.


The other day I did check out Amtrak.  WOW!!!!  They are on the ball.  I will probably take a few Amtrak trips.


My children are planning a trip to some tropical island (no spouses or children invited) & I am invited.  Still in the talking stages.

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

The mandatory lockdowns are ending.  We are still reminded to social distance and wear masks.


There has been cases where those who have had the vaccine are still getting Covid.  We are not out of the woods yet.


I will continue to see my children and I always have anyway, but still will not go to crowded public places or to large gatherings.


Maybe a year from now, I might think differently.  I am not afraid of Covid and don't live in fear, but I respect it.


This is going to take some time. If we rush things, we will be back to square one.

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

I think it's a good question and you made some very good points.  For us, we've never really been big on huge gatherings.  Especially now since we have downsized to a townhouse.  We don't have granchildren, just two adult kids, one married, the other still single.......(bachelor for life I gather).   Anyway we were fortunate enough to have them all here for this past Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I was not going to have the holidays without them.  We did it as cautious as possible and all went well.  They are all tested frequently for their jobs.   I do miss seeing them more often and I miss seeing friends and going out to dinner, so we will still do things like that.  And traveling, OMG, I miss that more than ever.  We are at the beginning stages of retirement and should be enjoying our lives right now and whether it sounds selfish or  not, I feel we are really losing valuable time.    All in all, I don't really feel we will change the way we do things in our lives very much but I am sure others may.

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

We have not entertained or been entertained, or attended church or eaten out.  Although we are both vaccinated, we are proceeding with extreme caution.

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

We don't have any close family so those sorts of gatherings are not an issue.  What we enjoyed was going to the theater/concerts, etc. and although I've been fully vaccinated, it will be quite awhile before I feel comfortable doing those things again.  Even outdoor concerts that are being planned and/or held here in Chicago during the summer, I will probably skip.  Being vaccinated does not make one immune to getting or giving the virus.  It will only (hopefully) lessen the severity of it.



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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

I don't expect to see a big change in what we do, as we are not social people, and do not have big family gatherings.   We will just feel safer being around my elderly mom.   

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

Since I do not have much family, large family gatherings are not an issue.


DH and I have been eating out and really doing what we wanted to do since last's just the events that we typically do were all cancelled last year and as of now I have only seen one of the events on the public calendar...we will attend that event, it's outside.


We wanted to take a vacation, it involves flying so I am not sure we will go, we are not willing to wear a mask for several hours on a plane.


We have a small group of friends that we have been 'hanging' with since last year.

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Re: Plans for entertaining/gathering now that

No changes here either. I have probably flown my last flight. Have no desire to ever fight an airport or that mess again. Hated being cooped up in those planes anyway with so many packed in like sardines. A mention of rail travel is appealing to me. Maybe train travel will pick up. No family close to us and we are all being cautious for everything to be subsided even more. We are looking forward again, to yard work, garden work and relaxing on our covered pation after a morning of excercise in the good fresh air. Good thing we are home bodies.