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I could work with it but that would mean I'd remove/replace a lot of the items in the room.  The stone of the fireplace and the artwork are competing with each other and it's not pleasant to look at.  Same for the chair with the wooden table beside it.

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I'm trying to picture this room in shades of neutrals, with neutral/neutral patterns, etc.  As it stands now, with all that blue, I don't care for it.  I do think I would like it with a different color scheme.

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@lolakimono wrote:

How do you feel about the patterns and textures in this room?


May be an image of furniture and living room

@lolakimono  This is about as perfect as it gets as far as pattern and texture playing off of each other in a room.   Whoever did this has a real eye for this kind of thing.  I'm truly impressed!

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Headache inducing.

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Yikes - way too much blue and too many patterns for me. The artwork above the fireplace would be the first to go. Next would be those awful blue stools and the coffee table. I could maybe live with the drapes, but only because most of the furniture is solid in color. Just noticed that awful looking side table next to the blue patterned club chair - what a mismatch!