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I like the tile and orange wall but love the turquoise fridge.  I'd have this kitchen in my house any day.  I like the runner.

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I like the tile

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My Mom loved orange me not so much, but I do love the lighting fixture

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The orange wall would not be for me other than that ...I like it.

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I love this room! (I didn't even notice the cupboards. . .I live in an apartment that is lacking in that area; it keeps me from buying too much.)

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Very pleasant and inviting.  The orange walls really bring the tile to life, but orange is one of my least favorite colors. 


I might be able to live with it if the walls were painted off white and unless there were more cabinets elsewhere in the room I add them above the counters.  I don't like open shelving...particularly the center island.  Ends up with clutter and collects dust.  


Overall, though, very nice.  

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I like the grey cabinets.  That's it.

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If the person lives in the Southwest.  I do NOT like the hanging light fixture with the decor.

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I love this- it would truly be like walking into the sun --- on even the most overcast and dark and cold days.  I would want to be in this room all the time!  

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