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I'm in the minority but don't care for it.  It sort of reminds me the 1970's.

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way too "busy" for my taste.  

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I like everything but the orange walls. 

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Re: Orange Kitchen

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Very warm and cheerful. I'll take it.  Makes me happy to look at it.

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The grey cabinetry is too drab for the happy orange.  And  brass/gold handles on them is almost an oxymoron.


I like the color of the fridge and the bar--pretty close match, but it's too soft for the hard orange.  


Need to stay in the same tone range, for me to like it.


I'm not afraid of orange.


I painted (Chalk Paint) my kitchen table a cantelope color.  Love it.

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Yikes! Oddly enough, my kitchen is orange and grey but not that orange. I'll keep mine, thanks. This one is just too much. The tiles, which I don't like anyway, take it over the top, aided and abetted by a too vibrant shade of orange. 

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Pretty tile, rug, sink, paint and even the cabinets. Change the light fixture and heavy hanging shelves (something lighter and grey to match the cabinets would work better). I could live with the old refrigerator and the table (which I DO like!). It's a warm, friendly room with a few tweeks. Great for a southwestern inspired home.

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Too much orange.


If I painted walls gray or white, I’d like it. Love the sink and gray cabinets.

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Too busy ...... dont like the star light fixture 

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I like orange.


I would have to tone down that orange used on the wall though.


Like the tile - like it with the gray cabinets.

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