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Extremely: all closets, drawers and cabinets are in order. What's a junk drawer? Your purse has no change floating around and no stray receipts. Your car is always clean both in and out and it stocked for any emergency.


Moderately: your closets,drawers and cabinets need a little work but you wouldn't cringe if your Mother opened them. Purse has loose receipts,change mints etc. Car gets cleaned out only when it needs it, You only have the bare necessities like a jack and ice scraper. 


Not at all: Open closets and cabinets at your own risk. Purse, have to dig for basics like keys. Car, extension of the house,that's what triple A is for. lol


I would love to be an extemely but am only a moderate. I did not inherit the the organization gene from my Dad. He was amazing without being OCD.

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I am Moderate but in the mist of becoming an Extremist. I like having everything in order. It drives me crazy to have to search for something for 20 minutes before I can find it.

I've always been like this but have decided that this is the year that I'm going all out to have the drawers, pantry, etc. in order so I can see at a glance what I have or need. I'm also in the middle of a few DIY projects to dovetail on this. My friend turned her extra bedroom into a closet room and she loves it. After seeing it, I thought what a great idea. I want to also move the heavier sheets/bedding into ours. I plan on having a sittting area in the middle.

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Almost extremely.  I do have a messy car, and stray receipts.  

I also (secretly) enjoy organizing things and look forward to doing so, when I am in the right mood.

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Are your spices arranged alphabetically?


Threads in the sewing box form a rainbow?


Bother you that OCD should be CDO?


Might need one more category.

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EXTREMELY!   ...and then there's my daily challenge in life.

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I just have too much of everything. Since I retired 4 years ago I don't need half of what I have. My goal is to give away or throw everything I will never wear or use again by the end of summer. 

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I'm pretty close to "Extremely".  Right now, my car is a mess on the outside and the inside needs vacuuming but that will have to wait for warmer weather.  My purse gets cleaned out and reorganized every night when I get home.  I keep my closet organized and straightened....same with drawers.  I don't have a junk drawer.  I get anxious and jittery around clutter and disorganization.  

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I'm very organized in some areas and not so much in others (that's how I balance it).  I have a junk drawer, and I know what's in it, but I do have to dig through some stuff to find what I'm looking for.  My biggest problem is finding the time to toss items I no longer need or use!

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@SurferWife   I know what you mean about  DH.  I don't let him on his own to toss stuff. The worst was after his cancer surgery he got an infection and he had delirium (per his Dr.), he wanted to clean out the desk. Yikes, I was going through garbage bags to make sure he didn't toss something important.  I found my SS card in a bag. I read don't carry it with you in case you lost your purse/wallet. I now carry it.

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Ok wait. My idea of a junk drawer is just the place for one-off things like tape scissors envelopes rubberbands twist tie batteries nail brush file etc. For those who do not have a junk drawer...where do you put such items?