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Re: New book: The Martha Manual

I have found that you can always learn something from someone.  Even if you think you know it all.

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Re: New book: The Martha Manual

@loriqvc wrote:

I wonder how similar it is to the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook—if there's any chance anyone has seen both, I'd love to hear a review. The Handbook (published in 2014) has proven to be a very handy and valuable resource.



@loriqvc  Did you check amazon for reviews?  I do this when I see a book offered at zulily as there are no details there.

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Re: New book: The Martha Manual

@mousiegirl - Yes, that's the first place I went since it's likely where I'd purchase the book. The reviews are all very generic. However, the book does have a "Look Inside" option on the site, so I'm planning to check it out this weekend and compare it with the book I already have; I'll report back if there's anything noteworthy.

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Re: New book: The Martha Manual

@Chrystaltree wrote:

I'll hanks but I'll pass.  After 37 years of keeping home, I got it.  I don't need a book.

@Chrystaltree, I have been keeping house for 40 years and pretty much know what I am doing as well, but would not mind seeing the book, never to late to learn something new.