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New Window Treatments

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After some thought, trial, and error, I put up new window treatments in my living room. 

I originally had dark red full length drapes in the 90s. I replaced those with red valances about 15 years ago.
I wanted something different, but couldn't decide what. I tried white textured sheers, but I didn't like those at all so I returned them. I posted about that here a few months ago. 

I've been looking at lots of options on stores & online ever since. The custom made choices on Etsy are really nice but very expensive. I've also looked at local stores too. 

I saw some textured linen sheers in person at the store At Home several days ago. I picked them up, then put them back, because I wasn't sure. After walking away for several minutes and looking at something in a totally different part of the store, I went back to look at them again. I decided to purchase knowing I could always return them. 

I knew the moment I hung the first panel and stepped back that I really liked them. They make the living room look lighter & brighter. I decided not to hang a center panel because I wanted to keep more light visible. I also think the sheers look more contemporary.


I thought I needed the dark red valances to ground the space, but I'm really liking the new lighter look. The texture is very nice too. I still have dark red accents in my rug and a few accessories. 


Here is a before photo with the old red valances. I had to go back to Christmas to find one. The shades are there, they're just pulled up all the way so you can't see them. 



Here is a photo of the new sheers with the shades. There is a smaller side window with the new sheers too, but I didn't post a photo of that. 

Here's a closeup



ETA : I could have sworn the package said "linen", but the website says the material is poly. DH already threw away the packaging so I can't check. Probably said "linen like" or maybe it's linen mixed with poly? Anyway, I still like them. 

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@wilma  That looks very nice! I love the look of the texture. Your windows look larger also! Great job!

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I love the new look with the sheers too.  The texture is really pretty. 

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IMO, the "after" is much better.  Love the shades.



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Just lovely-so fresh and updated!

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@wilma Really nice and they do brighten up the room! I dislike red as a decorating color. You made a great choice! And the plants look so pretty with those window treatments.

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@wilma , great job!  It is amazing what a simple change to a room can do to make it look completely different.  I like!  S

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@wilma  Your new window treatments look really good 👍 

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I like the 'new' look.  The room seems a lot brighter!  I really like the texture in the drapes as well.  The red valance was not bad but the new look is more contemporary.  Enjoy!!


 My house is really dark, I wish there was a way I could brighten it up a bit more!

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I too like the up close picture of the pretty texture. Nice choice.