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@stevieb   What an elegant, balanced room.

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No way.  Just give me a stratolounger sofa and loveseat where I can put my feet up and work the remote, and I'm happy.

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Now this is right up my alley. I love this space!

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Very nice but a little too formal for me---I like the corner with the plants on the wall--wallpaper I assume--I like that alot but would have to eliminate all the fussy stuff and a few chairs and tables. 

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The seating arrangement reminds me of a hotel lobby and the chandelier of a Junque Shoppe.

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The shells hanging from the light fixture has to go. Those tall items on the coffee table have to go, something shorter would be better. Maybe less chairs and move the sofa up to join the conversation area, and I'm not crazy about those barrel tables but they do add some color. I think some richer colors for the furniture would make it more cozy also. Love how light the room is.
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I love the wall color and that's about it.  Everything else is too vanilla and the barre sidel tables are hideous (IMHO, of course).

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Beautiful space....I wouldn't change a thing.

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I like it except for the chandelier 🧐

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Re: Neutral Seating Area...

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Change two of the chairs to a sofa, ditch the sea creature hanging from the ceiling, paint that wall lighter and it is very much like my living room--although bigger and with more of a view!  LOL!!!


I even have garden stools as side tables by the chairs, but mine are traditional blue and white.  


That's right in line with things I love!