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@rms1954 I live with somebody who has similar habits.  I get very frustrated at times but then keep telling myself not to sweat the small stuff. It's also my BF home and not mine.....legally speaking. There is also a history of ADHD in the family and I wonder if that has something to do with his inability to pick things up. 


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@CinNC wrote:

@rms1954 I live with somebody who has similar habits.  I get very frustrated at times but then keep telling myself not to sweat the small stuff. It's also my BF home and not mine.....legally speaking. There is also a history of ADHD in the family and I wonder if that has something to do with his inability to pick things up. 


I don't have a clue as to why.  He is clearly an adult and I feel he lives in his own world and everthing revolves around him and he just hasn't grown up yet.  The clincher is, when he can't find something he blames someone else (namingly me).  It's to the point I just want to live alone, by myself. 

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I am fairly neat as our home is always presentable.  I never go to bed with kitchen not cleaned & everyday I make bed, wipe down bathroom after showers & run vacumn  (i hate cat hairs😉).


but I sometimes have a small pile of clothes on my hamper. I don't always put away my clothes after laundering🤷‍♀️


On the other hand, my spouse is extremely neat & organized.  He hates clutter or things out of place!  He said it's because his mother & father were slobs (and that's true only went to his parents home 2-3 times it was IMO).  He moved out at 18 and his place was always neat.


He always keeps the house neat while I'm away.  He stacks my mail and packages too.  He tells everyone I'm home from a trip 1/2 hour and it's a "mess"...somewhat true but he thinks I should empty suitcase, etc. as soon as I get home.  Nope, next day is fine for me!

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It’s been a challenge since DH retired ( a year and a half ago) but he’s getting  better about not leaving a trail

of his stuff everywhere. In fact, he even rolled a towel back up that he didn’t use and put it back in the basket of clean rolled towels in his bathroom.🥰

It may be a little thing but it’s progress !

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Its difficult to keep things neat if you don't have enough storage or have too much stuff!  I found that out when I retired a few months ago.  Everything got out of control -- closets, drawers, etc. beause I was usually too tired to deal with all of it and I live in a very small house.


I started going through all closets, drawers, etc. methodically and either giving away or tossing stuff that I didn't need.  It's so much easier to be neat when you are not overwhelmed with too much unnecessary stuff and no place to put it!


If you have things that you want to keep which are not necessary to keep out all the time, just invest in a few nice plastic storage containers which you can stow away in the garage or attic or wherever that is out of sight and label them.


As for every day neatness, my best tip would be just to try and get in a routine and set a certain time and amount of time each day.  It's for me easier to dedicate time earlier in the day before I get involved or side-tracked with other things.  Once you get in the habit, it's much, much easier.  


I don't really clean as much as I should, but I do try and keep things "rid" up as my dear mother used to say.  Making the beds every day, keeping waste baskets  emptied, dishes washed or placed in dish washer, clothes hung up and in hampers, counters and sinks wiped off, things like this.  


Just these small things will make you feel more organized and if someone stops by unannounced, you won't feel uncomfortable!  

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There's just the two of us now. I'm a complete neat freak. Ask me where anything is and I can locate it within minutes. Anyone can drop in at any time without notice and my house is presentable.

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@FlowerBear  Start with a daily planner & write down what your tasks are for the day. Non-negoicables getting dressed first, shower, hair, skincare etc, Have your breakfast, coffee...make your bed. A good way to declutter is just 15 min. a day, it will work eventually & you won't get overwhelmed. There are many variations of zone cleaning that would work for you but that depends on the size of your etc. Zone cleaning helps me because I tend to be a perfectionist & using that method gives me so much free time during my day. It takes a good plan for your needs & stick to it. There is the FLY LADY Method but I have revamped it & my home is alway presentable. HTH Its just my husband & myself at home now so its easy as he is a neat freak.

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@AngelPuppy1 -you and your dear mom sounds like exactly what I do too, With the exception of vacuuming because I have lots of dog hair, I probably don't "clean" nearly as often as I should. But I also make the bed every day, make sure dishes are clean, make sure toilets are wiped out, put things away that are out on the counters, make sure clothes are put away etc. The house isn't perfect, especially in the summer when hubby and kids are home messing things up as soon as I put things away, but I'm never usually too embarrassed by the state of the house. Except for the dog hair. I can never seem to get that all up and when the sun hits the floors just right, it looks terrible. 

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Re: Neat and Organized Home

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I realize your not at a point where you are organized @FlowerBear  Remember the 15 minute of declutter in the rooms that are open to guests at first & put things back in their place. If you do more at your point & do lets say a hour or 2, it won't work for you, you will go off the routine. My daily routines (not cleaning) is what I mentioned in my previous reply but I workout first. I love having a daily planner & check off my tasks!  My daily cleaning routine (I have 2 cats that shed) I wash the breakfast dishes, wipe down the counter tops, wet mop the kitchen floor, takes me 20 min., quickly dust the tops of my furniture in the open area's (open floor plan) Dust mop & spot path clean my floors 20 min. I have 3 baths, only use 2. Everything is organized so I just make sure the toilets are swished & cleaned & counters are wiped after my morning skincare. I vac those floors every 2 or 3 days. My husband cleans the shower doors in our master bath every day................................................................I add on an hour a day of what I want to do in a particular Zone which is my Kitchen as of now. My Pantry is organized with bins & containers. I am cleaning 3 shelves a day, I still have decluttered some things. It will take me 3 or more days of just 1 hour. That was difficult for me as I would do it all in one day, but now I just walk away.  I also add on 20 minutes of whatever I want to clean in my home. So I am only doing 2 hrs. a day for cleaning. Some days if I am out for the day or have an early morn. appt. things get changed up but I always go back to my routines the following day. If not things will pile up & I get overwhelmed. Do what works for you! You will feel great too!.. ....Edit to add: Sat. & Sun. just basic routine of making bed & kitchen cleanup. We go out or garden etc...

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When it comes to clutter, I have a little OCD in me.  Every evening when I get home, I will eat a quick dinner and then take time to put things away and straighten up my place.  Once everything is organized, it doesn't t take a whole lot to keep up with everything.  Before I head to bed, I do a final look over.  The only room that is messy is my spare bedroom but I keep the door closed.  I consider it my storage shed....LOL!

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