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This is my latest cross stitch project.  It took me four months to complete it.



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Wow, that's lovely!! 

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I did an embroidery piece years ago w/different styles of stitchery. It is the one that says "from long legged beasties". It hangs on the wall in our TV room.

Yours is truly lovely.

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Love it!  Did you create the pattern?  The colors are wonderful.

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I LOVE it! I did cross stitch many, MANY years ago when my eyes and hands would cooperate. To me there is just nothing like it. Your piece is absolutely beautiful!!!

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That is beautiful,I'm a avid sewer and can appreciate your lovely work. Where did you find your pattern please. 

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Absolutely gorgeous!  Have you chosen where you will hang it?  I can appreciate the time and effort you have put into this, I used to cross stitch when my right hand was more cooperative. 

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Amazing!  Love the subject matter and the patterns are beautiful.


You are very patient to complete such a complex project.



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@CelticCrafter ,  what a stunning, unusual piece of work.  You are an artist.

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Your needlework is impeccable!  Every stitch is equal in size and the floss is not all twisted up.  Beautiful work, and a lovely peice!  I used to do cross stitch years ago.  I wish my stiff fingers would still allow me to do it.  I found it to be a relaxing hobby that doesn't clutter up the house.