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I like it!  But I'd lose the orange.

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I don't like this at all.

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I love it!

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I love this room because you have easy access to every book and area in the room.

 Not crazy about the pillows but tha's about all I would change.

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@hayseed0 wrote:

@steviebLove this, oh to be rich !!!!!!

@hayseed0  I know... Sigh. I like this one too... Smiley Happy

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@stevieb Even though I would change a few of the decor pieces I love the look.  To me this has a downtown city vibe of an old warehouse that's been renovated as a living space.

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Do not like books stacked between those gorgeous leaded windows, do not like all the orange accents....NO as it needs some changes to create the charm it demands!

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I love the way the library is style and I LOVE the orange detail.  However, all the open bookshelving full of books and nick nacks looks cluttered to me and I get anxious just looking at it.

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Love the shelves, the windows (hope for the sake of the books the windows stop UV) and the overall style.  I would prefer leather furniture and another colour other than orange.

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The space is beautiful, but the furnishings are not.

The lamps are jarringly out of place. The couch and pillows don't have the right vibe for the rest of the room.