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I posted one room (included below) from this home a few weeks back to mixed reviews, but since then came across a few more pictures that might be worth seeing... Personally, I find the exterior of the house sort of interesting, though it wouldn't make my top ten list of architectural styles... The interiors, for the most part, while not lacking some sort of appeal, are not a look I could embrace for my own home...





















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Kitchen is too small.  I would have never guessed that the interior is so formal with all the drapes.  Drapes = dust.

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It truly is Modern Rustic and I like it, both inside and out! 

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I hate drapes. The whole place is too bland.

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Lovely - but for me - entirely too open and too bright, too many windows.


I'm just imaging the amount of work that's required to keep that place sparkling!   


I'm messy.  My upholstered furniture is all black for a reason!


Cleaning all those windows?!?!?

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I find inside and outside totally boring.  Not for me.

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I like the outside but inside.......not dog friendly at all so it's not for me.  Way too much maintenance with all those windows.

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I normally don't care for a mix of very different styles and this one is no exception.  I love modern but nothing in this home is speaking to me.  Rustic is OK....just not my preference or style.  There are a few pieces I really like one of which is that coffee table/bench.  The windows are beautiful as long as I didn't have to clean them.  Is the kitchen really that small?????

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@stevieb   I do think they were successful at mixing modern and rustic in this house.  Both elements modern/rustic are definitely and noticeably there.  I think it is very attractive for what it is. Not altogether my style but I do like a lot of what I see. 

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The only things I'd consider rustic are the ceiling beams.  The furnishings, accessories, etc. are strickly contemporary. 

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