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A few months ago I purchased a new bed( adjustable mattress and base). Long story short I hate the mattress. It is way too hard/ firm for me, I am not comfortable and cannot sleep on it. Too much time has passed for a return or exchange. I was thinking maybe a mattress topper would help.Can anyone reccomend a great mattress topper to accommodate my adjustable mattress? I don't know where to begin to look for one.
Thank you for your help
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Patsba bamboo xtra thick mattress topper on Amazon!

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Re: Mattress topper

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@januarybaby We bought a mattress that was too soft for our vacation home. Then we exchanged it for one that is too hard. Only one exchange was allowed, so we ordered a Tempur-Pedic topper from Costco that helped. It is still not perfect, but it is much improved.


Edited to add: I found the email. It was a Serenity by Tempur-Pedic 2 + 1 Pillowtop Mattress Topper, Queen Size .


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@januarybaby Sorry for your dilemma.   Mattresses are a difficult buy and one thing that takes time to know if it works for you.  My latest purchase was a Casper and I have to say it's the best mattress I've had in my lifetime.  That being said, prior to this one I bought a mattress topper for our other was feather bed topper and don't go down that road when you purchase one.  It was puffy and soft so I figured it would be great, well it was the worse thing ever.   Our backs were killing us each day as there was absolutely no support.   Do your research before you purchase!

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Do you remember when QVC used to sell feather and down mattress toppers.  Numbers of them were offered as TSV.  So many boring presentations...

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I found some really nice, fluffy, affordable ones on Overstock. They ship immediately too. 

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I own two 100% natural latex toppers from Turmerry, one extra-firm and the other is medium-firm. I got latex b/c I cannot tolerate the heat from memory foam plus latex will outlast memory foam by a long shot. However, latex transfers motion so if you have a partner who moves around then latex might not be right for you. Otherwise it's a great option. So comfy! 

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Re: Mattress topper

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One thing I've discovered the past few months trying to make my guest bed comfortable was that some like memory foam and some do not.


One of my daughters slept on my new mattress that also had an alternative down mattress topper. She said her back hurt so much the next morning.

So I got a 3" memory foam topper that she loved. I hated it

and so did my grandson. My grandaughter loved it.

So my daughter thought my original topper was too hard. I thought the memory foam was too soft and sinkable. So unlike Goldilocks we couldn't find one that was just right for all!


Go figure. So from this confusing info at least you might be able to decide what kind of topper material you like.


My mother had a very hard mattress that everyone said felt like a board. A relative bought her a thin memory foam topper which made it actually nice. So maybe it is the thickness of a memory foam too that makes a difference.


Also read negative reviews that sometimes are written after using for awhile or washing!


Basically just like a mattress that is best to try out in person it is hit or miss with a topper that you can't try out first in person. Everyone is so different in what feels comfortable for them.


My favorite cover was actually a Northern Nights? mattress topper that I got from QVC years ago. 

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Re: Mattress topper

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@januarybaby - we had a similar experience several years ago with an expensive Stearns & Foster mattress ($2300 +/-).  We tried to amend things with a topper from Costco, I think the brand was Novaform, and honestly it made very little difference.  Eventually we came to the conclusion that we needed to s*uck it up and replace the mattress.  Sleep is too important to our wellbeing to make do with a bad purchase because we made a poor decision.  I did my research the next time and believe it, or not, we bought a hybrid foam & spring mattress, spent less than $500, and we LOVE it.  We moved the Stearns & Foster to the guest room temporarily but soon replaced it with the same hybrid in there too.  We also gifted the same mattress to a couple of our kids and they love it as well.  

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I'm not sure a topper would work on an adjustable bed.  Mine have always shifted around a lot on a normal flat bed. If the bed moves, I foresee a problem.


I'd research this before making a purchase.

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