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That IS an awful shade of green!

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I really like it.  The chair doesn't look too comfortable and I would use less green, but the room is great.

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Love the design, but (as others have posted) I would alter the shade of green.

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That must be Gary Goben's Olive Club headquarters, @stevieb 

Woman LOL


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I do not care for the color but I love the look , it is inviting to me.

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Re: Library Nook...

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Oh, I really like this, but how do I reach the higher shelves?

The only thing missing is a good reading light.

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I love green, but I would definitely lighten things up here! I do like the layout. Smiley Happy

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@Homegirl  Woman LOL


I have to admit that I love olive green (and olives too) but there is a lot of it here. What I would do with this space is replace the chair with a larger French style chair with an ottoman in a less austere fabric... I'd also add a side table with a pretty blue and white reading lamp. I'd most likely also go with something different at the windows... Overall though, I really like this nook... I think the built-ins are great...


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I like the structure, too, @stevieb and I am liking your color and style options for those changes.

I am just worried Gary's club would have to find a new headquarters. Woman Wink

Love to be home . . . thus the screen name. Joined 2003.