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I bought it at joAnns where i have never had a problem. It never occurred to me that it might have been from there. I have dusted swept and scrubbed trying to rid any thing that might be floating around. I thought maybe I had stressed myself out trying to get everything dine. When I get through this next regime of skin care. I will try again with some yarn already in my stash. Thank you for pointing this out to me as a possibility
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On 3/3/2015 Azcowgirl said: The next door neighbor lady taught me when I was a little girl, to knit and crochet.It has been a lifelong love of mine, and I love to have a project to work on during road trips with DH. I have also spun my own yarns from different fibers , designed many sweaters, and sweater dresses over the years. Latest project ...bolero sweaters.

Ask DH if he's ready for a road trip to CA so you can teach me how to spin! I have a drop spindle, roving, a relatively useless book and zero spinning mojo.

It's all sitting there in a basket taunting me. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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On 3/3/2015 ChynnaBlue said:

I've finished three scarves for the Red Scarf Project charity knit. Red (any shade!) Scarves go to children who have aged out of foster care and have made it into college. They are put into a care package each Valentine's Day, which is why they are all in shades of red.

Here are pictures and the Ravelry links for two of them.

Above: Commuter pattern. Project on Ravelry here:

Abov: Black Bear #Scarfie pattern. Project on Ravelry here:

Great work for such a good cause!

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I'm so happy to find this thread. My mother always crocheted and taught me that craft when I was tiny. At age 10 I taught myself to knit from magazine instructions and have always enjoyed the feel of a knitted item more than a crocheted item made from the same yarn.

I had a similar experience with people not appreciating hand-knit items. I knit afghans for each of my three granddaughters and never saw them in use. At a shower for the youngest, the mother's best friend had hemmed a piece of fabric for a receiving blanket and machine embroidered the baby's name on it--of course it was beautiful, but the new mother raved about it, exclaiming about how long it must have taken the gifter to make it (she said an hour), while simplying saying "oh, how pretty" about the afghan I had spent 2 months knitting.

I can't stand to not have some knitting project going and don't really know anybody who is interested in receiving them, so I've started knitting lap robes to take to the nursing home. Hopefully some wheelchair-bound patients will enjoy them--I know my mother always used one when she was in a wheelchair. I've copied the links to Project Linus and the Red Scarf Project to check out also--I just like to have a project to spend a little while on at night and will be thrilled to have somewhere to donate items.

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Free pattern until March 31st.

Luck o' the Irish Cowl