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Looks like this catalog will be no more! I wish I had paid attention to the 70% off emails sooner!  I have ordered a few things over the years and happy with purchases. There are items still available, (though not many) definitely worth a look. I just picked up a sofa cover for 11.99.  No returns-final sale. It appears they have quite a few outdoor cushions in various sizes, colors  Just an FYI. Have a great evening everyone. 

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That's a surprise.  Have bought a few things - great front and back door and screened porch floor runners.  Water - snow - vacuum happy - easy - no slip - great colors and sizes = great product.  Not cheap but worth every penny.  Sad to see them go.

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I was looking at their site last evening.  I noticed that everything is on sale and there are no returns.


I shopped there a few times and liked their items. So sorry to see them go.


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I read online that Qurate, who owns Improvements, will merge it with HSN, as a “proprietary and exclusive HSN brand”. Sad to see the online business go. I loved their catalogs. 

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i will be sad to see them go.

they have some very nice items.

yes, everything is on sale PLUS there is an extra 70 percent off code.

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Sad to see them go, I always liked their catalog!