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I tried Brasso and it didn't do much. It was an old bottle though.


Heloise said to use ketchup. Hmm.

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Combine vinegar and salt for a shiny finish... old recipe, my mom used to use.

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Ketchup. The acid cleans the brass easily.
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If the things you have tried aren't cleaning it, it probably has a sealer on it.  I think I used to use Mineral Spirits to remove the sealer but it's been a long time.  Google it to be sure.

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Be careful if you try to remove the sealant!!!


I have a good pair of Stiffel lamps from the '90's. Classic design and I had them stored away. When I got them out.........OMG.......icky black spots! I thought they were ruined.


I contacted a brass refinishing place and they don't need replating, only a good cleaning. Which they do for about $100/each. yikes.

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Brass often has a lacquer coating which is supposed to prevent tarnishing. When you try to polish it, the lacquer protects it and it can't be polished. You'd have to remove the lacquer and heavens only knows how you'd do that.
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Thanks everyone for our great suggestions.


Regarding laquer... I've polished it before so I know it doesn't have laquer. I just want something that really works. 

I going to try the home remedies first. Thanks again!!