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Re: Homage Bath


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Re: Homage Bath

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I'd like to see the fruit wallpaper in a larger, uninterrupted space.  I think I might like it, but it's cramped in this application.


Also, I do not understand the need/trend to make the bathroom a "living space."  It seems odd and, to me, unnecessary.  The bathroom is the bathroom, not a place I'm going to lounge around Cat Very Happy


I do have some artwork in my bathrooms, although no portraits.  But they are not cluttered with plants and gee gaws.  Everything on the counters (soap, fingertip towels) has a purpose.


All those "things" lend would have to be moved around for cleaning.  In a tiny space, it would be annoying.



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Re: Homage Bath

I wouldn't even want to walk into that room!!  Way too busy!

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Re: Homage Bath

Well... I like the wall paper, but maybe not in the bathroom. The picture definitely needs to go. The paper seems to flow with the blue paper in the entrance. I don’t hate this at all minus the picture over the throne!!
I’m just really bored with all the grey and stainless look. I like color. I guess I’m weird.
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Re: Homage Bath

I dont like the picture over the toilet, or the wallpaper, but the rest I could live with.....I also don't like pedastel storage.

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Re: Homage Bath

Nothing here for me. 🤨

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Re: Homage Bath

I assume this was done by a professional decorator.  Someone actually paid money for this look.  

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Re: Homage Bath

Men could keep the plant watered!  Not my style. 

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Re: Homage Bath

@gizmogal wrote:

I’m not sure why many replies seem to assume the portrait is some beloved relative or the portrait is an homage to anyone getting shabby recognition.  It’s just as plausible as it's a picture deliberately placed there to denigrate a memory. Maybe she’s someone’s evil stepmom, or a hellish foster parent of their past, or a mean third grade teacher they’ll never be able to forget, or even the judge that sent a relative to prison!


I found the room too overwhelming with wallpaper of such a big print and decor that is poorly proportioned for the room. It’s just a toilet and sink in a small space, as far as we can see, so it needn’t be as bold as I think it is. But just looking at the wallpaper print outside of the room, on either side of the doorway, I can tell that the homeowner likes a “busy” look! Doesn’t mean the image above the toilet tank is a favorite, maybe just someone the homeowner really loves to hate and debase. 


@gizmogal We're very close.  I saw the portrait of the woman as the MIL!!!

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Re: Homage Bath

A portrait in a bathroom?

Now, that is a new one for me. How strange,


And, what is up with putting a black toilet lid on a white toilet? 

I have seen this done a few times now in photos. Pick A color.


This room is awful.