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Re: His and her master baths.

I was the first generation to be born into indoor plumbing in my family (meaning my parents and grands and great grands grew up with outhouses, no bathtubs/showers, even into adulthood for most of them), so I've never understood the philosophy that anyone 'needs' their own bathroom. We considered ourselves blessed to have just one with good working components, and waiting your turn, or certain members sharing the space was just normal (still is).


The house we live in now was the first time I ever lived anywhere that had a second bathroom and both in this house are the size of a phone booth, but just having a second still feels like an extravagant blessing, even after 25 years. 


Many people I know have four bathroom, one family we know has 9 (it's quite an elegant old estate). I personally want nothing to do with cleaning that many bathrooms. As it is, the master bath (and I use that term loosely, as it is connected to the master bedroom is the only thing 'master' about it! LOL) is the only one we use. I save the other as a guest bath. I do it mostly to reduce the cleaning and upkeep of using two. 


Perhaps it's because I'm not particularly feminine, I don't wear makeup, fuss daily with hairstyle, etc. but I need only a few minutes a day for shower and grooming. I just don't spend enough time in a bathroom to 'need' my own. To me, it's just a first world extravagance.

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Re: His and her master baths.

I'm high maintenance and I have the master bath, dh uses the bath down the hall, when ds was younger and lived here he used the other bath . made for getting ready easy in the mornings!


My parents in one of their homes had the his/her master baths and it was WONDEROUS!

Mom's side had a sink/vanity, water closet and sunken bath, dads side the sink/vanity and water closet and shower.  The huge walk in closet adjoined the baths and was so nice with a high window for natural light.  I loved that house!  

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Re: His and her master baths.

I'm just happy having a master bath after not having a master bath!


We call it 'my' bathroom, and the other bathroom is his bathroom, but it's not near our bedroom.  I only use his for a shower.



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Re: His and her master baths.

We had two boys.  I took the hall bath.  The 3 of them got the master bath since DH was in charge. 

My expensive shampoo and other hair products were saved from teens!!!  I still have the hall bath!!!  It will always be mine and no steam while I'm getting ready!


Also MY music!!!


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Re: His and her master baths.

Our "Master Bath" has a tub for me and a shower for DH. Works out for us. 

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Re: His and her master baths.

I must have my own bathroom. I would miss the privacy if I didn't. It is as simple as that.

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Re: His and her master baths.

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There are two bathrooms in our condo so we each have our own bathroom and I love it that way.  It wasn't a plan, it just developed that the bathroom off our bedroom became mine and the one off the hall became his.  It would be hard for me to go back to sharing a a bathroom.  

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Re: His and her master baths.

We live in a home built in the 1950s. No master bath. Just a small full bath off the hallway and one 1/2 bath. Obviously, we share.


We did remodel the baths several years ago, but there was no room or space to make a huge master suite bath. While it would be nice to have more room, we manage just fine.