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Saturday as I was preparing to shower, the diverter in my shower spout gave out. *$&!@   I had just paid someone to come and fix my kitchen faucet and now this. My dh and I went on Youtube, watched it, and I said "we can do this"! Sunday, my dh went to Lowe's and got what we needed and a half hour later, it was fixed. Woo Hoo. Heart

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BINGO - love YouTube!    It's a wonderful useful educational saves money and makes you smarter tool.  I've taken a quick course on gas furnaces - info about car trunk hydraulics lift replacement parts & how to prune dozens of growing bushes.  As my computer guru said - YouTube is your best friend when he found answer to my puter problem.  Congratulations.

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DH looks for solutions to household issues on Youtube all the time. He found how to caulk a bathtub on there 

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Re: Gotta' Love Youtube

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Here's another fan of You Tube.  If anyone is interested in container gardens, check/search -- Ask Ian: Container Gardens.  Unbelievable.   I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can try his method.  So easy and QUICK!!!


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I am another fan of YouTube, our heating element went out in our old oven, I did research, found the right element, ordered it, and got instructions off YouTube to replace!  My DH was so proud of me, LOL!