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School cancelled, snowblower and shovels ready!





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It's fairlyland, @Lilysmom1 !   What a beautiful bird, braving the snow...

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Beautiful and a good start toward getting much needed moisture to avoid a repeat of last year's fires.

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We had 3.25" of snow mid November. It was melting by the end of the day since temps were in the 30s. 


I hate snow and ice. I can handle the cold but just can't enjoy snow.

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@Lilysmom1 What a beautiful photo!   I love it and there is nothing like a good snow storm to put you in the Christmas spirit.........I am longing for snow here in RI, it's early in the season but we have been in the pattern of warmer air coming up the coast with our storms and it's just rain all the time!   Waiting for some cold air, can you send us some?


Enjoy your lovely scenery!

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What a beautiful pic, thank you!

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@Lilysmom1 Thanks for that lovely picture of your snowy morning - pictures are  my favorite way to see snow.

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Winter wonderland, for sure.


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Looks like it was a good one @Lilysmom1 .  How much?  We had about 2" in the Albuquerque area week before last.  Can you believ3 we had a snowfall before you?

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Absolutely stunning!  Can't remember which region is it?