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Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful fellow purgers on this thread! 


I am so grateful to be able to share with all of you every day!


Here is the new thread for the new year as promised! 


For those of you who may be new to the forum, this will be the third year of a declutter thread on this home forum. This thread is all about eliminating the things in our lives that no longer serve a function or bring us happiness. It's about getting rid of the excess and surrounding ourselves with things we love and enjoy.


We are here to get motivation from each other and encourage each other in the day to day struggle to keep our homes from becoming overwhelming.


Big purges, little purges, everything that leaves the house counts! So post it here and we will all celebrate together!


I'll start by saying that last night when I got home from work I tossed the 2019 calendar in the kitchen and put it in the recycle bin. I gotta pull out a new 2020 one! I cannot believe it's a whole new decade! Wow!


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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

Happy New Year!  This was the perfect thread for me to discover this morning.  I am having major work done in the laundry room and I can't believe how much stuff I have had to move out of there for the remodel.  At 66, I need to do a major purge.  It's hard for me to accept that my kids and grandkids will not want my valuable stuff LOL, so I need to clear it out.  Thanks for starting off my New Year!

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

I also wanted to add that a few days ago I got the rest of my Christmas items all organized and put away. Everything is sorted into totes, the new decorations are put away for next year and everything is labeled with the assistance of my son who likes using my label maker Smiley Happy 


I also went thru my boxes and bags and organized them along with my wrapping supplies, so I think everything Christmas is all neatly organized and put away. It looks the best it has in ages.


I only tossed a couple more small things while I was down there: 2 rolls of ribbon with just a scrap on each, one more homemade Christmas decoration, and 3 small boxes. I added 2 ornaments to the donate pile. 


We also relocated some things from our pantry to the basement, mostly hubby's canning items that won't get used until next summer/fall again, because it was getting too congested in there too.


In the process we decided to donate a belgian waffle maker that makes good waffles, but is a pain to use, and a silicone muffin pan. I remember when the siicone bakeware was all the rage, I got a whole set, and this lonely muffin pan is the only sole survivor because I only had one other muffin pan to bake muffins with. I got a new one for Christmas so the silicone one is history. 

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

@Beauty$Junkie -Welcome, and Happy New Year! It's so wonderful to have you join us!


Isn't it amazing how much we can accumulate over the years? I'm still amazed at how much stuff comes in on a daily basis, even we're not actively trying to acquire items.


Please post often and let us know how things are progressing! I know that I for one get a lot of motivation and ideas from reading about others successes!

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

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@rnmom   Thank you for starting  this thread. 


Happy New Year everyone!


I gave some furniture to daughter who moved cross country. Sold another piece of furniture, and will have another gone by today. I feel so much lighter. We have moved around so many times, but it always amazes me how much we can accumulate in such a short amount of time.


I also have several bags for the charity shop in my car ready to donate.


Got rid of the 2019 calenders this morning.


I also decided to purge all of my credit card info. from the shopping channels and amazon. This way, if I really want something, I have to type it all in. I'm going to try to do a no buy year except for essentials. If I need something, I plan to buy it local. I've had to return several things lately and it's always such ahassell. One return has not shown up yet, and it's a pain to keep tracking it. That inspired my decision. Plus it's nice starting the new year with nothing on the cards.

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

Good morning fellow former collectors turned purgers...and Happy New Year!!! The morning is young but I've already made a welcome discovery. In the past 24 hrs. I've shed/purged 1lb.4oz.   I've been going thru all my stuff for months.....and just gifted several family heirlooms to my older son and his wife...they love antiques. Goal for today is to shred old papers for at least an hour.    This is my first posting here and I will return! Somehow posting my little purging accomplishments helps me to see that I am making progress. Will enjoy reading about your success as well.   Have a great day everyone !!!

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

Wow! You guys are special and right on the ball! I see this post often and think how inspirational it is -- you are! Things to "set aside" (i.e., purge) to make room for anything else that needs to come along. Those things, not necessarily having to be materially.


And like you, I tossed out the old calendars to set up the new. Each new year, or day, or even a moment gives us an opportunity for cleaning house!

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

Boy do I need to do this !!!  I have two homes and two apartments thru out my small condo with a huge basement !!! We have mlate inlaws stuff, my prents stuff, a great-aunts apartment and our apartment scattered thru out. It all needs to goal today is two boxes from the basement !!!!!

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

This morning, on a whim, I put a....a.....I don't know what to call it. Not a music box because there is no box, but a porcelain birds figurine that you wind up and it plays music. 

I had given it to my mother in law for Christmas one year while I was dating my husband. When she passed away I brought it over to our house. My mother in law has been deceased for 15 years now and this morning when I saw it sitting on top of my lingerie chest in our bedroom it just did nothing for me. So into the Goodwill bag it went.  No regrets.  It's been sitting there since we moved into our house almost 15 years ago and never hit my purge radar, but today was the day. 

I also have spent some time in the last few days removing myself from email mailing lists. As the emails have been coming in from various stores and restaurants, I've been unsubscribing. 

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Re: Declutter 2020: What have you purged today?

And so it's another year and I'm still working on purging.  My son and wife have been purging lots of childrens items as they grow and my garage is getting a lot of items being held until the April garage sale.  


Today the Christmas items come down, and the house gets cleaned, so I'll be looking for items to donate and clear out.  I purchased a new combo oven/air fryer/toaster so 3 appliances will be replaced by one, saving some space on the countertops. 

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