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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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Do you like this kitchen? 


I’ve never considered cabinets this dark. I’m not sure if they’re black or a very dark brown, but they look very “rich” to me. The lighter ceiling & floor help offset the dark color, but I still think the dark colors are making the space appear smaller than it probably is in reality. 


I really love the amount of cabinets & storage in this kitchen. I like the floor, & the lighter color of the counters & backsplash. I like the patterned chairs at the bar. I’m not crazy about the wallpaper or chandelier.





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I love all of the storage and space, I also love the flooring, but I agree that it is still too dark, and I also think a different bigger, brighter chandelier or light fixture would help! 

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@Wilma7500 ,

It does look very elegant, very modern gothic!😁

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 Can't tell , but are the cabinets a  very drk cherry . Many times you see blue mixed with  cherry cabinets

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I think I would need more light in the space before considering going this dark with the cabinetry.  It's a beautiful space but I would be afraid that it feel too dark.

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I love the cabinet color.  And the range is TDF.

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I like this kitchen very much.  However, as I have stated before I prefer table and chairs, I am not an island fan.  I do have to say the chairs at least look comfortable.  I do love the chandelier and the floor.  I also think the dark color of the cabinets do not make the room darker, it looks fine.

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I like the color but looking at the picture it's too dark for me.

I have a lot of light coming in but that's something I need to think about before putting dark in my kitchen. 

Looks like I need to look for something lighter.

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I LOVE this one too.  I don't care for two island chairs nor the plaid fabric but that's an easy fix.

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I like the cabinet design and all the storage, but they're too dark for me.