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I don’t like the lighting over the table, but find the room tolerable.   Just wonder what the rest of the house looks like.   

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Neither cozy nor depressing, but it's missing something and the photo itself seems poorly lit. Lose all the furniture, the wooden light beam, most if not all of the lights and then you have a good starting place, I think the room has potential.

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definitely not depressing.

i dont know if i would call it cozy though......i would say "inviting." looks like a great space to entertain. i do think i would add some pops of color.

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Re: Cozy or Depressing?

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kinda reminds me of a medieval dungeon..........

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I love it, except for the chairs.

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The bare room and base cabinets are fine. I just don't like the dim, depressing lighting or any of the furnishings.
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The table belongs in a different setting like a rustic or woodsy one. The room really doesn't look like a kitchen, it looks like it's missing something. And the lighting and candles say depressing more than cozy.

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Very strange looking kitchen.  There is not one thing I llke about it.  It is dreary, dreary.. 

Can't imagine getting up in the morning and coming into this room for a cup of coffee to start the day - would make me want to go back to bed!  As for the beam it looks like a medieval torture device.  What a wierd room.

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It’s not by style but, in an strange way I like it!

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If this were located in a loft apartment in a trendy neighborhood in a major city, I think it would be cool.  Anywhere else, it would feel odd.