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Love, love, love, love, love, love!!



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Overall I like it---very open and industrial. Love the table and how its set and the lighting. I don't like the brick wall-----maybe should be painted ???

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I don’t understand the trend of no upper cabinets.  I hate stooping to retrieve things. 

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First, is it a basement kitchen? I don't care for the lighting over the table, seems too heavy, even though I sort of like the heavy table, sort of. The bricks would be ok IF there were upper cabinets hung on them. I think it may be the flooring that makes it seem cold.
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I like it...the rustic styling, but do not like the ultra-modern parts.

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Re: Cozy or Depressing?

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@lolakimonoand CARMI  The entire room looks thrown together to me; a juxtoposion of sorts. It's not industrial with the newer (but drab) bricks and country-type table. I do like the counter, lower cabinets and the gorgeous floor if other changes were made! The lights would appeal to me without the crazy thing they are draped over. Lightening up that brick wall to match the beautiful window and a round table (with a glass top) would help. Red apples on the table!


Edited: What am I thinking? I hate to eat in a kitchen! Never have and hope I never do.  

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Re: Cozy or Depressing?

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It is neither cozy or depressing. Just dark and stark.

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It goes well with a rainy day.