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You can't see it but it's snowing like crazy outside.  How would you like to snuggle up with a throw, cup of tea and a kitty in front of the fire?



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Snowing here too.  Maybe have an inch, inch and a half or so.  

I am baking bread right now.  It is rising and will soon be a nice loaf!

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Is that your living room?   It's like a scene from a movie !  So quiet and peaceful !

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Sounds perfect! 

happy winters


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Oh so cozy and inviting. 


Had some college football game on briefly last evening and it was snowing there like crazy. Don't know how they played in it. Guess that's why all the high priced, overpaid spread play in domes and indoor stadiums.

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@Kachina624 ,  the vivid fire and mellow lamplight juxtaposed with the modern curving windows revealing a swirling snowscape outside-- so inviting!  Also love the low slung modern couch, and of course the kitty...   

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@Kachina624   I love it! Very inviting setting for a snowy evening, sitting warm and cozy indoors.

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I'm not interested in seeing any snow, period!

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@Kachina624 Yes to that. Love winter, the snow, the suspended fireplace,  everything. Cat is a must. In the refuge of my imagination, I am totally there. Thanks for the share.



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Tea?    Looks more like a bottle of something better on table.