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That is really nice.

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I'm not usually a fan of the chevron pattern, but this is nice enough to overlook it.  Beautiful!

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I'd pass on this....just too blah for me.

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Sorry, not into "trendy" designs & styles.  They'd run their course & would mean extra $$ to redesign later on.  I tend to go my own style & timeless at the same time.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@OKPrincess wrote:

I love it. I wonder how well the butcher block hold up after time.

@OKPrincess.  I also wonder how sanitary it is.  What happens if you spill a liquid all over it?  Does it stain?

I thought the same thing. I no longer use butcher block cutting boards for that very reason. 


The counter is beautiful though.


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It's beautiful...don't care for the rest of the kitchen though.
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NOPE ... too BLAH👎

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Yes, I like it but what effect will the water from the sink do to the wood?