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Re: Cheery Wallpaper in DR

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Maybe try Robert Allen.  That's what I have in my dining room, and it is very much like this, but in darker colors with a tan background.


It's been in my DR for 25+ years and I've never tired of it.  Very traditional/Victorian looking.


And, if you love it, get it!  Especially if you just need a few rolls.

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Not my style for a DR, maybe for a shower curtain. 

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So cheerful and colorful.

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@lolakimono @Witchy Woman 

Thanks Ladies!!!!

I'm going to look into this paper : )


DR is quite large and will take many rolls ~ I hope this is more in my budget ~ haha!!  I papered the room myself the last time......maybe 20 years ago, but that ship has sailed so I will be paying for that work as well.


Just as an aside~~~ The paper I loved, Fontainebleau Rose, is about $600 per single roll ~~ YIKES!  


I'll keep you posted : )

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@lolakimonoIf I still had my home in the islands, the wallpaper would work well.  Not so much where I live now.  I do like the white background, and it is very light and cheery.

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Since I can remember I have always loved wallpaper.  I think this print is just lovely and I would definitely put in on my walls.  It is colorful and cheery and light.  


I love the dress too, very nice!

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Always like the look of doing something different on the top part of the wall with the  block wood treatment on the bottom. 


I would tend to do a different color paint though myself on the top part.

But, this is well done - not screaming at you, but adding design and color to the wall.


Nice bright space with the lighter floor and all the white.


(Even though, I could never do white for a chair cushion!

Would of picked up on one of the pretty colors on the wall for those.)

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Re: Cheery Wallpaper in DR

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There is very little Thibaut makes that I don't like.  I am in love with so many of their papers--the new ones and especially the classic ones. 


I even love some of the ones with monkeys and they usually creep me out!  LOL!!!

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@lolakimono The curtains in my den are that pattern.  My colors are slightly different, not quite as bright.  I never thought of it as wall paper but I like it! 

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It's pretty paper and a pretty room, but I'm thinking such a large and colorful all over print is probably not for me.

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