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Cheery indeed! Beautiful colors. 

I've been contemplating wall papering a small wall or maybe the back of built in book shelfs.  Just a little for accent somewhere in my home.  Wheels are turning, 🤔

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The wallpaper is lovely, and the chairs with the pink trim are precious.

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It’s not great but, I can see it on one wall as an accent but, only if the rest of the room is a calm color 

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I would get tired of the wallpaper and the dress.  Too much going on for me.  I think if I were to use wallpaper, it would be in a bathroom.  I prefer clean, light colored walls so you can decorate with your furniture.

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Way too busy for me. We are not really wallpaper fans. I prefer a clean painted wall that I can decorate with artwork & other items.  

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Do not like the print on either the wall or dress....too much is just too much!

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Not my thing.


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The wallpaper is just a little too the table and chairs.....

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