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Those are nice finds, pinky.  I'm glad you figured out the photo posting.  I'm really surprised that IE got it right and not Chrome.  It has been the opposite on this forum for other features it seems.  I still haven't tried to upload any photos, just posting those already found online.  I hope that they will post ok for me when the time comes.  I like to stick with Firefox.  

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Thanks SHOPR! The lantern was the only piece not from the store where I volunteer. I found it by accident while out for household stuff like detergent, etc. I loved it immediately, and use it often. 

We have gotten some nice decorations in, that I've been getting set up.

 I hope I don't buy too much, as we have finally pared down to what is right sized for us.

The Chrome vs. IE has got me stumped. I just plan to continue to use Explorer for photos as long as it will work for me. I've not tried Firefox for awhile. I started to have too many issues with it. Switching back and forth seems to keep both browsers working better, at least for now.  pinky