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What do you think about this chair?  Its from Grandin Road.  I think in the right room it would be charming.  I'd love to have it in mine.



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I like the chair. It would do well in my living room. I have neutral furniture with one chair with a small floral.

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I LOVE it!

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I think this chair is very pretty!  I love the flower design against the dark blue, it enhances  the chair!  Also I like the design of the chair,  it looks comfortable, a nice place to read!  


Grandin Road has some very beautiful items,  very appealing to me.

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@Kachina624  So cheerful. I like it a lot.

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Pretty 🤩 

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I love this chair and this is out of the ordinary same old thing.  I gravitate to flowers and prints.  Too bad can't use blue in my house.  Now in my previous house, it would have been perfect in either my bedroom or my living room and if I had seen it then, I would have bought it for sure.  It is so unusual.

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@Kachina624 I love it too.  You're right, it really is charming.  The size seems nice too - not too large.  I like the legs too.  Wonder if it's comfortable?  It might look a bit firm, but of course I could be wrong about that.

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@There are other styles and colors available too.  I like them all.  A breath of fresh air in a room.  Take a peek at their website


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I think I like it.

Yes, I think I do.

It does kind of grow on you-a chair to keep you company because it's cheerful😊

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