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"The Inspired Room" is a blog with lovely ideas for all kinds of spaces.   She has done a great job with her own rather compact foyer.   Yes, her doggie is the best "accent" of all.


Welcoming,  and makes me want to see more of the house.



She obligingly pulls back with the shot, and does show more of the house...  That built-in bench, with the simple box paneling, wouldn't be that hard of a project for some talented handyman.   Putting the sconce and the art above, makes it its own little space!  And good for sitting down to put on boots.



Yet another angle, showing her pretty mirror, modern Staffordshire dogs (as opposed to that adorable real pup) and cute lamp.







The basket of lavender on the door, kooky little rattan lamp, sophisticated mix of art, bright bouquet, beachy rope doorstop, books, and that simple striped rug add to the oomph.

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Very compact and neat yet light and airy.  A place for everything. 

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@Oznell Wow I actually like 95% of this! I would dump that gold mirror as I hate those things but the white framed mirror is quite pretty. LOVE the color of the door and the doggie is so cute.

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It's not my style but it is cute and cozy. I would have to get rid of the shiplap though.
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Very cute!  I like the shades of teal quite a lot.  The door is very pretty.


A neighbor just painted their front door a lovely soft pink (the house is basically grey and white and black).  I love it!


If I did nothing else to my old house, I brought my style and function to the entry hall.  We have a rotating stool for putting on shoes and baskets for the dog paraphenalia and a re-purposed night stand with sunglasses, poop bags, masks, wallets (I have many), gloves.


And some of my Grandma's oil paintings.  Couple of mirrors.  Gotta check the lipstick!

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Very pretty and I like the light blue color which gives it a coastal look.

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So pretty. I'd love to host Easter there.

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Sure is welcoming!  So pretty. Cat Very Happy

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Looks like a cute house with some age.  


I like it.  


Needs some color, though.  

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Love the door and the lavender is a sweet touch.


Love the pillows and the light blue couch is gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen a couch in that shade, and though it's not practical, it's so pretty.


Lastly, I really like the mirror and the chest.


I would take down a few of the pictures and leave one or two.


Thank you for posting!